Regional editions of evidence for policy are initiated by regional partners and feature research and development policy recommendations aimed at decision-makers active in each region. To learn more about the briefs in an individual region, click on the region links in the right-hand margin. All regional briefs are also available for download below.



West Africa Policy Briefs

No. 5 Transforming sanitation problems into opportunities (French / PDF 1.1 MB)

No. 4 Coping with teenage pregnancy and childbirth in Ghana (English / PDF 570 KB)

No. 3 Improving mobile populations’ access to social services in the Sahel (French / PDF 945 KB)

No. 2 Productive treatment of faecal sludge: from waste to fodder and profits (English / PDF 1.2 MB)

No. 1 Including nutrition helps tuberculosis patients stick to treatment (French / PDF 1.1 MB)



East Africa Policy Briefs

No. 4 Changing times, changing places: AIDS orphans in Kisumu District, Kenya (English / PDF 1.4 MB)

No. 3 Helping Tanzanian teenage girls avoid pregnancy (English / PDF 729 KB)

No. 2 Managing the commons upstream and downstream: the need to adapt institutions (English / PDF 864 KB)

No. 1 Overcoming bottlenecks in water management in the Pangani Basin (English / PDF 348 KB)



Horn of Africa Policy Briefs

No. 7 Measuring and monitoring the quality of soils using spectroscopy (English / PDF 762 KB)

No. 6 Khat in Ethiopia: finding a balance between positives and negatives (English / PDF 906 KB)

No. 5 Chiefs, state-building, and development in independent South Sudan (English / PDF 758 KB)

No. 4 Tailoring HIV interventions in Ethiopia to suit the local context (English / PDF 1.4 KB)

No. 3 Transboundary waters and conflict transformation in northeastern Africa (English / PDF 2.1 MB)

No. 2 Understanding new sources of conflicts in the lowlands of Ethiopia (English / PDF 2.2 MB)

No. 1 Improving ecosystem services for food security in Ethiopia (English / PDF 2.72 MB)


Central Asia Policy Briefs

No. 8 Simplifying the propiska: Realising the benefits of internal migration (English / PDF 950 KB)

No. 7 Adapting to climate change through sustainable land management (English / PDF 1.3 MB)

No. 6 Conserving indigenous livestock breeds to benefit mountain smallholders (English / PDF 1.1 MB)

No. 5 Studying abroad: encouraging students to return to Kyrgyzstan (English / PDF 1 MB)

No. 4 Measuring soil quality using spectroscopy (English / PDF 828 KB)

No. 3 Sustaining mobile pastoralists in the mountains of northern Pakistan (English / PDF 1 MB)

No. 2 It’s time to control brucellosis in Central Asia (English / PDF 1.1 MB)

No. 1 Carbon finance and dryland afforestation (English / PDF 1.13 MB)


South Asia Policy Briefs

No. 12 Women in peacebuilding in South Asia (English / PDF 729 KB)

No. 11 Engaging the business sector in peace promotion in north-east India (English / PDF 480 KB)

No. 10 Protecting Nepalese women migrant workers (English / PDF 490 KB)

No. 9 Post-conflict state-building in Nepal: foundations for a stronger nation (English / PDF 583 KB)

No. 8 Taking gender and development seriously: supporting Pakistani women who work for rural development (English / PDF 697 KB)

No. 7 Towards sustainable forest governance in northwest Pakistan (English / PDF 705 KB)

No. 6 Linking research with policy: experiences and lessons from South Asia (English / PDF 1.4 MB)

No. 5 Transformative land reform in South Asia (English / PDF 856 KB)

No. 4 Addressing issues and concerns of Internally Displaced Persons in Nepal (English / PDF 934 KB)

No. 3 Community-based and peace-sensitive tourism: fulfilling Nepal’s potential (English / PDF 1.2 MB)

No. 2 Mediated policy dialogues to address conflict over natural resource governance (English / PDF 887 KB)

No. 1 Nepal's peace process and challenges ahead (English / PDF 675 KB)


Southeast Asia Policy Briefs

No. 5 Risk assessment for food safety in Vietnam (English / 1.3 MB)

No. 4 The Vietnamese double-vault composting latrine: Fertilizer source or health risk? (English / PDF 616 KB)

No. 3 Targeting poverty in Laos: How well do current approaches reach the poor? (English / PDF 1.2 MB)

No. 2 Safe use of wastewater in agriculture and aquaculture (English / PDF 725 KB)

No. 1 Sustainable sanitation in urban centres in Southeast Asia (English / PDF 1.1 MB)



Central America Policy Briefs

No. 3 Environmental sanitation in Costa Rica: a pending challenge (Spanish / PDF 1.2 MB)

No. 2 Recognising the rights of migrants to strengthen regional integration (Spanish / PDF 1 MB)

No. 1 Balancing coastal development, marine conservation, and people’s livelihoods (Spanish / PDF 934 KB)



South America Policy Briefs

No. 7 Property rights in the Peruvian Amazon: encouraging preservation or degradation? (Spanish / PDF 382 KB)

No. 6 Local knowledge: a key input for sustainable development in the Andean region (Spanish / PDF 1.5 MB)

No. 5 Making co-management work in protected areas with indigenous peoples in Bolivia and Peru (English / PDF 626 KB)

No. 4 Women, citizenship, and well-being in the City of Cochabamba, Bolivia (Spanish / PDF 491 KB)

No. 3 Biosphere reserves and extractive industries: towards a new sustainability agenda (English / PDF 516 KB)

No. 2 Secondary school and poverty: Strategies for inclusive education (Spanish / PDF 983 KB)

No. 1 Resilience to natural disasters: saving lives and properties (Spanish / PDF 1.52 MB)