Semienberge, Ethiopien © S. Mathez-Stiefel.jpgThe Integrative Node is a vehicle for integration and synthesis of all NCCR North-South programme activities. It forms a hub of exchange between the Thematic Nodes and comprises three key projects:

In the Special Project on Global Issues, senior researchers examine the large-scale relevance of the programme’s accumulated findings, in particular concerning global debates on topics like food security, poverty, natural resource management, migration and climate change. By surveying the results of many studies from inside and outside the programme, the researchers aim to identify patterns of change or recurring contexts that may be used to determine suitable policy responses at the global level.

In the Transversal Project, all programme partners are encouraged to build bridges and exchange knowledge by initiating joint projects or events that complement, synthesise or cut across their lines of research. It enables geographically distant research groups – in, say, Switzerland, Bolivia and Nepal – to organise conferences and produce books or special journal editions on shared topics like decentralisation or gender.

Efforts in the Partnership Regions Project seek to reinforce the Regional Coordination Offices in launching new research projects in their regions and contributing to solutions for sustainable development well into the future. This entails forging promising new paths of sustainability research, anchoring such research in the local academic landscape, establishing lasting institutional structures (e.g. university institutes), testing findings in local settings (e.g. PAMS) and cultivating communication with policymakers.


Overview of the Special Project within the Integrative Node (PDF 71 KB)