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Thematic Node 1:

Institutions, Livelihoods, Conflicts

The research projects in this category explore the dynamic role of institutions in regulating access to means of livelihood, peace or security. They further seek to identify ways of strengthening the acceptance and legitimacy of those institutions that foster sustainability.


Research Projects (RP)

RP1 - Contested rural development
New perspectives on ‘non-state actors and movements’ and the politics of livelihood-centred policies

RP2 - Livelihood futures
The quest for inclusion of marginalised groups.

RP3 - Migration and development
The potential of migrants as agents in development in the production and circulation of knowledge

RP4 - Environmental conflicts
Natural resources, institutions and conflict in the Horn of Africa and in West Africa

RP5 - Negotiating statehood
Dynamics of state (re)construction in societies after civil war

RP6 - Private-sector peace promotion
An assessment of the benefits, limitations and determinants of corporate engagement in peace.


Coordinating Partner Institutions

Development Study Group (DSGZ) at the Department of Geography, University of Zurich

Swiss Peace Foundation (swisspeace), Bern


Maiken Graf (DSGZ); Sandra Pfluger (swisspeace)