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Current PAMS Projects


“One health”: The potential of closer cooperation between human and animal health in Switzerland
Duration: January 2011 to present
Executing Agencies: Swiss TPHCanton of TicinoPublic Health Schweiz
Partners: Swiss TPHCDE
The concept of “one health” applies a synergistic view to treatment of human and animal health. This means that human and animal diseases are addressed together in order to take account of possible patterns of transmission. This approach been explored in southern Swiss locations (canton Ticino) and is now being adapted to northern Switzerland. The main objectives of this PAMS project are to improve human and animal health as well as the cost-effectiveness of the health sectors. The projects outcomes will be channelled into policy recommendations.



Completed PAMS Projects


Education and Sensitisation on Sustainable Regional Development in the Swiss Alps: A Teaching and Information Kit
Duration: July 2009 to September 2010
Executing Agency: Management Centre World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, Naters
Partners: CDE
This project sought to raise public awareness regarding sustainable regional development and its interplay with nature conservation in the Swiss Alps. To this end, an educational resource kit on sustainable regional development – based on scientific evidence – was created and made available to all high school students in Switzerland. Swiss high school teachers and the Swiss UNESCO general secretary described the tool as highly valuable to the region and the school system. The tool is frequently downloaded from the website, which is an indicator of its usefulness. 
Access the free teacher's kit (in German)




For regional PAMS information:
Karina Liechti, Regional Coordinator, Swiss Alps

For general PAMS information:
Eva Maria Heim, Coordinator of Partnership Actions