A practice-oriented component of the NCCR North-South
Partnership Actions for Mitigating Syndromes (PAMS) are projects of limited financial scope and duration, implemented by local actors in partnership with scientific and non-scientific stakeholders. In close connection with research efforts, PAMS implement and test approaches, methods and tools developed in research, in order to identify promising strategies and potentials for sustainable development. The projects can cover a variety of activities such as training courses, policy dialogue, cultural programmes, or small-scale improvements in infrastructure and technology. Each project is carefully planned to enable and promote mutual learning between the research community and society.

PAMS are vehicles for testing the applicability of development research results. Each project is designed to implement strategies developed jointly by researchers and local stakeholders. Based on a transdisciplinary approach to development research, PAMS are meant to promote mutual learning and knowledge-sharing between academic and non-academic partners in sustainable development.



Eva Maria Heim, Coordinator of Partnership Actions
NCCR North-South Management Centre, Bern, Switzerland