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Livelihood futures

The quest for inclusion of marginalised groups

Studying resource-scarce areas in South Asia and East Africa, this research project seeks to identify new livelihood strategies for groups vulnerable to exclusion, particularly strategies that diminish reliance on natural resources. Special attention is given to the governing institutional context in order to reveal ways of supporting equity-effective institutions.


Research Project Co-leaders


Babar Shahbaz, PhD
University of Agriculture
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Sustainable Development Policy Institute
Islamabad, Pakistan

Sagar Raj Sharma, PhD
Human and Natural Resource Studies Center (HNRSC)
Kathmandu University
Kathmandu, Nepal


Partnership Regions Involved

East Africa
South Asia


PhD Dissertations

PhD students focus on specific themes:

"Food Security and Livelihood Futures in the Resource-Scarce Agro-Ecological Zones: A Case Study in the North-Western Highlands of Pakistan" by Rana Muhammad Amir

"Food security in resource scarce areas and the quest for inclusion of marginal groups in the far western Region of Nepal" by Nirmal Kumar BK

"Transnational land deals and local livelihoods in Tanzania" by Martina Locher