Ethiopia and the Nile
Dilemmas of National and Regional Hydropolitics

by Yacob Arsano

Publisher: Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 2007

Conducted under the auspices of the NCCR North-South, this study deals with the national and regional dilemmas of hydropolitics in the Eastern Nile Basin countries of Ethiopia , Sudan , Egypt and Eritrea. Highlighting the dilemma created by the need to develop available water resources at a national level in the fight against poverty and the limited institutional and financial capacities available for such large-scale projects, the author analyses both the unifying and the divisive roles hydropolitcs can play at the regional level. The study demonstrates that while the sharing of water resources and a common cultural heritage serve as unifying factors among the peoples of the Eastern Nile basin, the colonial legacy and vestiges of the Cold War, combined with unilaterally determined national strategies for water resource development, have created incompatible legal norms that remain a continuing source of regional tensions.

Arsano, Yacob. 2007. Ethiopia and the Nile: Dilemmas of National and Regional Hydropolitics. Zurich: Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


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